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Trial Classes

Trial classes are mainly offered to determine whether or not your child is interested in gymnastics. Trial classes are also an opportunity to observe whether or not your child is able to listen and follow instructions; and how they interact with the other children and their coach. Your child will take part in a regular class as this represents a typical environment. Please keep in mind that it may take more than one class for young and new children to gymnastics to ‘warm up’ to their coach and the environment.

Please contact our main office or complete the trial class request form if you wish to register for a trial class.


Trial classes must be arranged and paid for in advance. Please do not assume your request has been approved until you’ve heard confirmation. In order to ensure a safe and productive class, we will only allow a trial class for classes that have not yet reached maximum numbers. We must also allow adequate time for the coach to alter their daily lesson plan. Trial classes may be booked no more than 48 hours before the scheduled class.

We offer one free trial class to the immediate family members of Queen's staff, faculty, and retirees - you must show your employee card to the front office when you arrive.

We are proud to offer a clean, spacious, well equipped gym with dedicated, fun, and knowledgeable coaches. We hope you will come by for a trial class to experience what our gym has to offer. We are confident your child will enjoy gymnastics at KGC!

Gym Attire - Participants:

Participants should be dressed in something they can easily move in that is free of strings, hoods, zippers etc. that could get caught on equipment or injure the child. They are also required to be in bare feet with no bracelets, necklaces, earrings (other than small studs), or other jewelery as it can also cause injury.

Gym Attire - Parents/Guardians:
(if participating in a parent/child class)

Parents/guardians can be dressed in whatever is comfortable for them but dangling jewelery or clothing is not recommended. Socks of the parent/guardian do not have to be removed. Please note that only one adult per child can be in the gym at a time during class.

Trial Class. Join us, you'll flip!